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Implementation of Centrally Sponsored Scheme / Central Sector Scheme for 11th Plan

100% centrally assisted Central Sector Scheme: Watershed Development Programme for Shifting Cultivation areas (WDPSCA) funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.

Watershed Development Project in Shifting Cultivation Areas (WDPSCA) in the present form was introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, Natural Resource Management (NRM) Division, during a Eighth Five Year Plan for implementation in seven North Eastern States of India. Accordingly in Assam the project was started in the two Hill Districts of Assam, viz- North Cachar Hills District and Karbi Anglong District.

The main objectives of WDPSCA are:

  • Protect hill slopes of Jhum areas through soil and water conservation measures on watershed basis and to reduce further land degradation.
  • Encourage and assist Jhumia families to develop Jhum land for productive uses with improved cultivation and suitable package of practices leading to settled cultivation.
  • Improve socio-economic status of Jhumia families through household / land based activities.

The main strategy of WDPSCA is:

  • Adoption of watershed approach for treatment of degraded Jhum areas as cluster and contiguous manner.
  • Emphasis on sustainability of treatment measures and providing means for
  • Multi-disciplinary approach at district and project level, while evolving programme measures and conduction farmer training, involving various line departments, like agriculture, forests, horticulture, animal husbandry, minor irrigation etc. 
  • To mitigate ill effects of shifting cultivation by introducing appropriate land use as per land capability and adoption of improved technologies.

The main activities are WDPSCA performed by the councils are:

Under Management Component:

  • Community organization
  • Entry point activities
  • Training programme etc.

Under development Activities:

  • Development of Arable and Non-arable land
  • Drainage Line System
  • Corp demonstration
  • Horticulture development
  • Water harvesting structure
  • Nursery raising etc.

Under Rehabilitation component:

  • Production short duration crop
  • Household activities
  • Sericulture development / lively hood to landless
  • Agriculture implements to SHG etc.

As per New Guidelines of WDPSCA, a State Level Nodal Agency (SLNA) is constituted for Hill Areas of Assam and Development Commissioner for Hill Areas of Assam is the Chairperson of SLNA. The SLNA shall be responsible for overall direction and control of schemes of WDPSCA in both the hill districts of Assam. SLNA will periodically review at least once in a year, implementation of the programme of the State. There are two Project Officers for WDPSCA in both the hill district of Assam.

Schemes under Article 275 (1) of the Constitution of India:

Under the proviso of Article 275 (1) to the Constitution of India, Grants are provided to the Hill Autonomous Councils for undertaking schemes of development for the purpose of promoting the welfare of the Scheduled Tribes in the state or raising the level of administration of the Scheduled Areas therein to that of the administration of the rest of the State. During the 11th Plan period an amount of Rs.881.03 Lakh has been released to the both the Councils.




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